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    Frequently asked questions

    Yes, we work throughout Slovakia, it doesn't matter if your company is based in Bratislava or Svidník :), we are at your disposal in every location within the Slovak Republic.

    The use of industrial product labeling has many benefits, including better product identification and traceability, improved product quality, and increased product safety.

    The duration of industrial marking of products depends on the size and complexity of the project, the materials and technologies used, and other factors. However, you should expect the marking process to take several hundredths to seconds.

    Coding is used to mark products with a unique code that can be used to track manufacturing processes and identify products. Marking is used to create visual markings on products, such as logos, names and other information.

    Industrial marking of products can be done on various materials such as metals, plastic materials, paper, glass, ceramics and more.

    There are several types of industrial product marking such as printing, engraving, laser marking, inkjet printers, thermal transfer printers and more.

    Industrial product marking is the process of marking products using various technologies such as printing, engraving, laser marking, etc. This technique is used to identify, track and ensure the quality of products. It is important for manufacturers to comply with laws and regulations and for customers to be able to identify and trace products.

    In the detail (after clicking) of the product, its stock quantity is indicated. If we have the goods in stock, the specific quantity is visible (from 1 pcs do 5 pcs Or more than 5 pcs). ADVICE: We update our stock once every 24 hours, so we recommend that you check availability by phone/email in the case of small quantities (1-5 pcs).