Code Center 2

Code Center 2

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Machine status as well as input and output signals to the production system are visualized in real time through a convenient user interface. Several levels of programming allow the machine to be adapted to specific site requirements. Remote diagnostic tools enable quick response. A detailed event log enables early identification and analysis of complex environmental conditions, minimizing downtime. The flexible placement of the terminal enables optimal ergonomics for each mounting position. The industrial orientation is underlined by the "Embedded" version of "Windows 8". This gives you the opportunity to expand a "standalone printing device" into a complete solution for a complex job.


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Code Center 2 is a state-of-the-art automated marking machine that allows you to create accurate, high-quality and durable marks regardless of their complexity. Its flexible design allows you to mark any type of material, from metal to plastic to wood, and create clean and precise text or images. Code Center 2 is very easy to use and its intuitive controls allow you to work quickly and efficiently. It is also compatible with most marking software and is available in a variety of configurations, allowing you to choose the product that will exactly suit your needs. Code Center 2 is recognized worldwide as the best product for automated marking. It is a highly effective product that will provide you with reliable service with minimal effort.
The product line continues with CodeCenter 2. Attached is an attachment for the second print head. The result is a powerful system with an attractive price-performance ratio. Ideal for applications that require printing on two product locations at the same time, or for two-lane production. The operation is identical to the standard CodeCenter. A 12-inch terminal based on CodeCenter software allows both heads to be controlled independently or linked together. Each head has its own 3,5" display, which shows the current state of the print head and thus enables complete operation.

More details

Weight 25 kg

Large color 12,1 "touch screen
Freely adjustable display layout
Convenient user interface
Windows operating system
Easy to install Windows components
Easy memory expansion via USB port
remote diagnostics
writing events
Standard interfaces (USB, serial, Ethernet)
48 pixels
Different print modes
High operational safety
Integrated solvent recovery for low consumption and emissions
Scripts functionality for special applications
Robot and axis management, camera, database access
Continuous recording of ink system data
4 Door System Service Design
Easy-to-load 1 liter magazine
Pigmented system with 2 mixers
Internet access for remote access

Technical parameters

Steel, stainless steel, IP54
320 x 320 x 616 mm (wxhxh)
320 x 320 x 731 mm (wxhxh)
Printhead aluminum, anodized
40 x 40 x 186 mm (L x W x H)
Ambient temperature 5-45 ° C
Humidity 10-90% is not conditional.
Conn. Electr. 80-240V ~ 50 / 60 Hz
Ethernet, USB, RS232 interfaces
5 point print modes - 48 point graphics
Font height 5 - 12 mm
Memory> 15 GB, expandable
Pressure connections start, incremental encoder,
8 Inputs, 4 Outputs (All 24V)