Code Cube XL

Code Cube XL

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In addition, CodeCubeXL has a color 7 ”touch screen and an intuitive icon surface makes it easy to create larger texts.


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Continuous inkjet printer from the range CodeCube XL is characterized by very good font quality and low power consumption. With a size of 77, 80 nozzles for color ink, CodeCube is a suitable solution for marking dates and series, but it can also print logos, job changes, bar codes, but it can also print DataMatrix codes.

The devices are available in single head, 4,3 or 7 display as well as 2, 3 or 5 m hoses. The devices have a USB connection for storing data and text transmission respectively. logos as well as TCP / IP interface for external communication. IP 65 Printer is suitable for use in demanding environments such as in food production.

CodeCubeXL is a universal device for most applications. It offers a compact size and the ability to process special scripts.

CodeCubeXL provides you with the best and most reliable standard identification at a minimal cost without compromising on operational security and user-friendliness. The user interface works with significant symbols. The menu is clearly structured without complicated menus. Graphics can be created as text outputs with a resolution of up to 48 pixels. In addition to these high-quality modes, high-speed printing modes can also be installed. Texts and configurations can be transferred using a USB key. A standard network port enables easy integration into the corporate intranet. In addition to refillable ink tanks, the CodeCubeXL also includes a service-friendly aluminum print head. High-quality components guarantee a robust operating cycle in industry.