Continuous production is the key to successful production. Multifeeder Automatic Product Loader multiplies the capacity of MFT Feeder Systems. This addition maximizes the runtime between reloading the product while minimizing the number of operators that need to run the system, maintaining production flow. Multi-layer APLs are also used when the shape of the product itself does not allow the height of the production stack. Imagine a plastic bag enclosed at one end. How high can it be stacked vertically before it becomes unstable? With APL, the same product can be spread horizontally across a flat surface. Another advantage of using APL is better control of an irregular product, such as a cardboard box. Multifeeder APLs are available in various widths and lengths, giving you the best configuration for your application requirements. For more information on this and other Multiifeeder Technology solutions, contact one of our experienced application engineers today.


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