What do we do?

What do we do?

Industrial marking is an important part of many production processes, as it allows to create a permanent identification of the product or part, which is used for quick and reliable identification and tracking during the production and logistics process.

Our company offers a variety of industrial markings, including laser, inkjet and embossed markings. We have been on the market for over 35 years and come from Germany. Our priority is always to approach customers individually and offer them solutions that best meet their needs.

Laser marking is a modern and precise marking method that allows you to create permanent marks on various materials such as metals, plastics, glass and more. Laser marking enables high speed and repeatability, which reduces production costs and increases productivity.

Ink marking is ideal for marking on surfaces that are not suitable for laser marking, such as textile materials or some types of plastic. Our company offers different types of ink markings that can be used on a wide variety of materials.

Embossed marking is an older but still very effective marking method used mainly on metal materials. In this method, marks are created on the surface of the material using punches and mechanical tools.

In our company, we try to always be one step ahead and offer our customers the most modern technologies and solutions. Our experienced technicians and engineers work with the latest machinery and equipment to provide you with the highest quality of service.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your industrial signage needs, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the most suitable solution for your requirements

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