Industry packing

The production of folding cartons and their labeling is an important process in the packaging industry, involving various steps and technologies. The process involves creating and then labeling folding cartons that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as product packaging or mailing.

In connection with the filling and closing of packages, cartons are produced that are suitable for various types of products and their protection. After their production, suitable spaces for the products are created in the cartons, and the cartons are closed using various types of adhesive strips, which ensure a safe and reliable closure of the package.

When printing in CMYK on cardboard, metal, plastic, wood, special printing machines are used, which allow printing on various surfaces with high quality and precision. This process involves printing in a variety of colors and tones, including CMYK, which are commonly used in printing, and also allows for the creation of various designs and patterns.

Dosing double-sided adhesive strips is an important process in the production of packaging and cartons. This process ensures that the adhesive strips are applied exactly where they should be and in the correct amount. This ensures a reliable and safe closure of the packaging.

Positioning and assembly of products are other steps that are performed during the production of packaging and cartons. This process involves collecting the products and placing them in the correct cartons and packaging. In the end, it is about ensuring that products are stored safely and reliably and that all production steps are carried out in accordance with requirements and standards.