FAMJET DK Mini Mobile

FAMJET DK Mini Mobile


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Our NEW product is a battery-powered, handheld, ultra-compact and lightweight INK-JET printer equipped with HP ® 45 thermal ink cartridges. The low weight of 290 grams makes it easy to label even bulky goods. TL300DK Mobile provides all the basic features of INK-JET printers. TL300DK Mobile replaces obsolete handheld encoders (such as stencil machines, punches, and cylindrical encoders). Durable and legible can be printed on different surfaces. By automatically updating the date and time and the ability to edit text and graphics in Windows® using the included PC software, this pocket printer becomes versatile.

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Portable, ultra-compact wireless (with battery) and lightweight (less than 0,5 kg) TIJ mobile printer.

DK MINI MOBILE is synonymous with advanced technology, very easy operation and an affordable price.
It is capable of printing multi-line messages in a print field up to 12,7 mm on a wide range of porous and non-porous surfaces.
It is equipped with HP45 Thermal inkjet technology, which contains water or solvent inks in a wide range of colors (including white and yellow).
Alphanumeric characters, logos and barcodes are also double-sided (datamatrix, etc.) and can be printed in different resolutions up to 750 dpi.
Reports, which also include variable data, counters, etc., can be edited directly via the Android touchscreen or created on a PC using the software that comes with the printer.
The DK MINI MOBILE is available with a 4-wheel encoder (suitable for flat surfaces) or a 2-wheel encoder (suitable for round surfaces).
DK MINI MOBILE is a perfect replacement for stencils, stamps, roller printers and other outdated contact printing systems.


More details

Weight 0.5 kg
dimensions 200x67x115 cm
Display (user interface)

Touch screen (3,5″)


Up to 750 dpi


Storage temperature (controller): -10° C / 60° C – Storage temperature (cartridge): 2° C / 50° C – Humidity: up to 70%

Print speed

1 print/2 seconds


AC: 110v-220v and 50-60Hz, 1A DC: 15v, 2A

Print height

Up to 12,7 mm on one or more lines


HP645A 42 ml cartridges with water-based ink for porous and semi-porous surfaces. Colors: black, blue, green, brown, yellow, purple, orange.
HP45si 42 ml cartridges with solvent-based ink for non-porous surfaces (various types). Colors: black, white, yellow, red, blue

Printable characters

Text variable data: date of manufacture / date counter, change code, Julian date. Logo: up to 200 logos in memory. Barcodes stored as logos, QR codes, Datamatrix

External interface

USB or WI-FI connection (optional)


Editor PC software


Up to 500 messages


Up to 3 mm