HR-500 UV

HR-500 UV

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Special solution for printing wooden blocks used for production of pallets.

HR UV series printing systems for high-resolution inkjet printers allow you to encode any type of moving packaging material or item using alphanumeric text, linear barcodes, 2D codes, logos and clip art. Acrylic based paints allow application to porous and non-porous surfaces such as paper and paperboard (glossy and glossy), wood, glass, metal, foil, plastic materials, ceramics and bricks. After the printing phase, the ink is treated with a UV curing lamp; in this way, any problems associated with ink drying on the printheads and the hydraulic circuit can be avoided.

These systems use 510 printheads and a resolution of 180 dpi (dots per inch), giving a print area of ​​71 mm the maximum height for each head. Reliable and versatile thanks to piezoelectric DOD (drop on demand) technology, it is the ideal solution to meet a variety of printing requirements by managing up to 64 printheads that can be freely standing or joined together

This option allows you to extend the print height up to 4 × 71 = 284 mm and consider the print layout as one unit. In fact, the software splits the print layout into streaks that are transmitted to the printheads so that they do not create flaws on the interface between them.

Thanks to their compact dimensions and versatile mounting position, they can be easily integrated into systems and production lines. The high-speed printing systems of the HR UV series allow easy rotation of the print head and UV lamp; In this way it is also possible to print on horizontal surfaces.

The programming console is simple and intuitive and allows operators to master HR HR printing systems quickly and completely. High-resolution inkjet printing systems HR UV are available with an on-board or external computer, and printing systems without a computer are also available. Control network allows you to manage up to 64 heads and up to 16 controls (see sketch on page)


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