Cable / Pipe Control System

Cable / Pipe Control System

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Our control system cable / pipeline   can linearly control up to 6 m / s. The system is working independently on color a Maybe it easily integrate with your system, plus it is compact design.


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Ultra-compact and cost-effective smart camera combines easy-to-use
Hardware with the benefits of powerful control software. IMPACT Lite is new
P-Series Intelligent Camera Software Tool As part of Datalogic image processing software
IMPACT again defines the functionality of IMPACT Lite software. IMPACT Lite makes it easy
With IMPACT Lite, application development is easier than ever:
Functions like drag and drop, clear tree structure and drop down menus and
simple presentation of results. P-series smart cameras are available
Connecting to the Impact Lite software is an ideal introduction to image processing.
Control Panel Manager (CPM) simplifies the development of user interfaces and
Allows you to instantly set important control functions. User creates CPM
areas that display and adjust key machine controls.
Touchscreen or industrial computer or integration into an existing assembly line.

We also offer individual lighting options according to customer requirements.

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Affordable and compact smart camera

IP67 Rectangular Case

Swivel joints

VGA (640 × 480) or 1,3 MP (1280 × 1024)

Gray or color CMOS image sensor

Integrated, interchangeable optics

Integrated, replaceable lights

Built-in digital I / O

Ethernet and serial communication

Up to 120 frames per second

Impact of software tool

Locate, detect errors

Measurement, communication


Technical parameters

VGA 640 × 480, SXGA 1280 × 1024
Monochrome CMOS, Color CMOS
Images per second:
120fps, 60fps
660MHz DSP
Dedicated I / O:
1 IN
Configurable inputs and outputs:
1 IN / 3 OUT
Ethernet 10 / 100Mbps, RS232
256 MB.
256 MB.
6 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm
Red, White, Blue, IR
Diffuse red, white, blue
Red and white with polarizing filter
10-30 Vdc
Protection class:
Connection 95x54x43mm 0 °
Connection 75x54x62mm 90 °
Aluminum plastic protective cover
Operating temperature:
0-50 ° C