FAMJET Maxi Stylon

Our NEW product is a portable, hand-operated, ultra-compact and lightweight, battery-powered INK-JET printer equipped with Collins 25 mm thermal ink cartridges. The low weight of 1 kg makes it easy to label even bulky goods. The Maxi Stylon offers all the basic features of INK-JET printers. Maxi Stylon replaces obsolete handheld encoders (such as stencil machines, punches, and cylindrical encoders). Durable and legible can be printed on different surfaces. By automatically updating the date and time and the ability to edit text and graphics in Windows® using the included PC software, this pocket printer becomes versatile.

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The innovative Maxi Stylon, developed by Fam International, is a compact, wireless handheld encoder that leaves nothing to be desired with a font height of 25 mm.

Bar codes, times, logos,… and only weighing 1 kilogram.


More details

Technical parameters



Print Speed:

31 m / min at 600 dpi


AC: 110 - 220 V, 50 - 60 Hz, 1 A

DC: 15 V, 2A


max. 600dpi

Pressure height:

24,4 mm



Working temperature:

5 ° C to 40 ° C


up to 70% without condensation


2,8 "touch


Aqueous and solvent paints, UV paints, various paints, metal etching paint

Data content:

automatic data, counters, shift codes, Julian date, time shifts, up to 200 log, barcodes are read as logos without format limitation, up to 1 000 texts can be stored

External interface:

USB, layouts can also be created using the included PC software