Anser U2 Mobile

Anser U2 Mobile

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600 dpi inkjet mobile printing
in your hands


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The world's most compact mobile printer. It is extremely portable and lightweight
and easy to use. You have the ability to print in every way from everyone
Angle is pure printing. No maintenance costs and downtime increasing your workflow.

More details

Technical parameters


2,8 "color LCD display with backlight
LED Indicators

Alarm, low ink level, pressure, start, remote control on / off

English, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish and Russian
application menu

Digital menu selection for easy operation

Clear IR Remote Control, 120 x 55x 8 mm
way of printing

HP TIJ 2.5 Printing and Printing Technology
Representative features

Alphanumeric characters and logos, date / time, expiration date
Layer code, counter, lot / box number, bar and 2D code
Suppressable lines and heights

1-4 lines; maximum height is 12,7 mm (0,5 ")
Font Height: 2,7 mm, 3,6 mm, 5,5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12,7 mm
print speed

Maximum 45 meters per minute with 300DPI horizontal resolution
Storage capacity

Up to 999 SD Memory Card (2 GB)

212 x 135 x 120 mm

980 grams without ink cartridge and battery
Special Features

4 in 1 controller, screen, printhead and ink cartridge
Handle and battery compartment in a compact case

Fully independently usable without PC

Input and output port for ink level display.

Built-in SD card slot for software update and data backup

Alternate nozzle system allows nozzle replacement during operation
Failures occur.

Hot-Swap: Protects the system for quick ink cartridge replacement

To save the print results, press the LOG button

Multilevel password protection

System Backup + Restore backup your data

Power saving function for display

Out of the box - ready to go
Distance to product

Due to the role of the torque sensor
Ink option
Bundles and colors

42 ml: black, red, blue, green and yellow
Printable surfaces

For absorbent, semi-absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces
A large selection of inks is available.

Print barcode HD

Durable lithium-ion batteries; 2 pieces in basic equipment

3700 mAh
charging time

150 minutes
charging cycles

At least 300 charging cycles
Maximum print time

7 hours
9 standby hours
environmental conditions

Temperature range from + 5 ° C - 40 ° C

12 months - excluding consumables